Why Work Remote in Greece?

Greece is an amazing location to work remote for various reasons.  But there are honestly four that are the most important – the weather, the sea, the food and the cost of living.

Weather in Greece

Greece has 300 days of sun. You’ll get all of the vitamin D that you desire while working from a terrace somewhere in Greece.

The summer is hot.  Well July and August at least.  If you are coming during this time, consider staying near the coast or on an island.  In August, you won’t find many people in the cities, so that should tip you off that it is just too hot for city living.

Spring and fall are just perfect.  You’ll get some hot days, some windy days, but generally just right.

There is a winter, but that just means lower temperatures of about 10C here and there, and some rain.  I should be more specific- that is for Athens.

There are snow covered mountains in Greece where you might fancy spending some time digital-nomading around.  You’ll find a few ski resorts located within a few hours drive from Athens, so you can soak in the city life during the week and hit the slopes on the weekend.

January 31, the Athens Coast

The Sea

Umm yeah…  Do I need to explain this one?  You’ve surely seen enough instagram photos of the water in Greece to be on board with this category.

Being able to hop into the Aegean Sea for an afternoon dip after working from your rental house, is just the greatest thing in life.  Talk about living the dream!

Greek Sea Work Remote
Poliegos, off the island of Milos

The Food

Greek food is probably the greatest cuisine from a well-rounded perspective.  Sure many countries are good at one thing or another, but in Greece you get the whole package from seasonal fresh fruits and veggies year-round to the catch of the day that was literally caught that day.  If someone wants to go toe to toe about this, bring it on.

Greek Fruit
Dessert in the summer time

Low Cost of Living in Greece

Ok, so I saved this one for last.  The responsible side of you must take this into consideration.


Do I dare say that one benefit of the economic crisis has been that rents are cheaper than they used to be?  People are renting out their apartments like crazy that used to just sit empty when times where better.  So whether you are looking for a short term rental or a long term stint in Greece, you will find the price of accommodation lower than the other Mediterranean European countries.

Food and Drink

Four people can go out to dinner (food and wine) and the bill can be under 50€.  OF COURSE there are many options and levels of dinning that you can choose from, but I’m talking taverna on an island in the summer.  Want to do simple and quick?  You can grab a pita gyro and be stuffed from the 3€ piece of handheld yumminess.

At the supermarket the prices will vary based on location and what you are buying.  Imported items will be more expensive, so if you are craving your favorite sweets from back home, you may think twice about the purchase.  BUT, if you are buying local produce, you will be shocked at the price compared to the quality.  Once you have a fresh Greek salad in the summer, you’ll never look at a tomato the same again.

Hotel Aegean View
This could be YOUR work space

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