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Easing into Working Remote

Easing into Working Remote

So you want to work remote?

Everyone dreams of working from a hammock on a tropical island.  You see these Instagram travelers with their ridiculous images, globe trotting around the world while still getting paid from their company back home.

Are you done with lusting after that life?  Let’s start simple with working from home and figuring out IF and HOW you can travel and work for your company at the same time.

Sample the remote work Life

Depending on your line of work, some people can talk their boss into working from home every now and then to get a taste of the luxurious life of not being in an office.

Some people view these as vacation days and do the minimal amount of work necessary.  (I’m not naming names)  If this is you, working remote may not be for you.  A surprising amount of employees need direct supervision to get their work done in a timely manner.

work from home

If you do actually work on WFH days and accomplish the same tasks that you would in the office or even more, your boss will hopefully give you some more freedom.  You need to prove yourself siga siga (slowly slowly) as they say in Greece.

Once you are deemed as a responsible human being, you can ask to work remote for a week at a time and the next thing you know you are working remote from Greece!

You’ve received the green light to work remote

You have been approved to not check in at the office everyday and have some freedom (as long as you get your work done!)

Now you get to decide if you are going to hang out at home in your pajamas every day or going to mix things up and move around a bit.  This moving around could be to the local Starbucks (god help you) or taking it even further and traveling a bit while you are working.

Obviously the traveling bit requires some cashola.  You are on your own for that, so figure the sh!t out!

work remote cost

You will find statistics and figures all over the web about “how much it costs to work remote in…” blah blah blah.  If you are serious about spending some time traveling while working or settling down in one location for a month or so, your best source of information is to learn from people who are actually already doing it.

Facebook groups in the location you are thinking of heading will be your best source of information.

I’ve seen so many people moving to Athens, joining the local Facebook groups and asking questions about cost of living, what area to stay in, what is the internet like, etc.  And you know what?  They get tons of feedback.

We are all in the same boat, so people are usually willing to help each other out.

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