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Digital Nomads Athens and Rhodes Facebook Communities

Digital Nomads Athens and Rhodes Facebook Communities

Evi Missa is the community manager for two Facebook groups for Digital Nomads in Greece- one in Athens and the other for the island of Rhodes.

I can not praise the benefits of Facebook groups enough!  They are ground zero for getting REAL information.

Evi is from Athens and started up Digital Nomads Athens and Digital Nomads Rhodes Facebook groups in February of 2017.

Besides just the Facebook groups, Digital Nomads Athens and Rhodes have groups on and have events for members to meet in ‘real life’.

If you work remote, you know that it can get lonely at times and meeting up with real live people can be an exciting event.  The benefit of attending one of these meetups as opposed to just going out with your friends, is that you are surrounded by people who are in the same situation as you.  Whether they are traveling, digital nomads or locals who work remote- you all are location independent and probably have lots to talk about.

Digital Nomads Athens
Instagram : @digitalnomadsathens

We asked Evi a few questions about the groups because we are big fans of the idea!

What gave you the idea to start the Athens/Rhodes Digital Nomad groups?

The need for creating a real community besides an online one basically. A place where people can ask things and get real answers, find a new job, meet friends and learn more about the city of Athens and in general Greece.

How has the experience been so far?

The experience has been overwhelming, so many people join and show up in every meet up, other became friends and get together independently of the group. Others found a job, even a partner! It looks like the meet up is here to stay.

Why do you think Digital Nomads should consider Athens as a place to work from?

Athens is a very peculiar city, in regards to the architecture, the traffic, and the vibe, however if you look behind the chaos you will see the beauty of it. 

And Rhodes?

I have many friends who have chosen Rhodes to work remotely from.  It has connections to all major EU cities, so it is a very accessible Greek island.  

Make sure and join one of the groups mentioned above if you ever find yourself in Athens or Rhodes.  Hopefully you can join a meetup and network with some other remote workers while enjoying vibrant Greek nightlife!